Aipecito COLOMBIA [espresso]


This coffee was produced with organic practises for a healthier, high quality product and the well-being of farmers and the environment.

Roast type    ESPRESSO – great for espresso based drinks
Flavour notes marzipan, brown spice, milk chocolate, caramel


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Farmer    Asociación Agropecuario de Aipecito
Varietal   Caturra and Castillo
Processing    Washed
Altitude   1,700 to 1,950 m.a.s.l
Region    Huila
Cupping score    84

About the coffee
This coffee is produced by a 50 farmer member association, formed in 2014 with the idea of producing organic coffee and receiving certification in 2016. The reason for the move to organic was to offer a healthier product, but also with consideration to farmer’s quality of life and the well-being of the environment. Additionally, organic practises helps to restore fauna and flora to the coffee lands.

Coffee pricing is transparent and paid in relation to quality, while farmers receive support from the buying stations on quality assurance and education.


250 gram, 1000 gram


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