Chirinos-PERU [espresso]


Roast type   ESPRESSO
Flavour notes 
dark chocolate, brown sugar, almond

Farm Prosperidad de Chirinos cooperative
Varietal Varies
Process washed
Cupping score 84

Prosperidad de Chirinos was founded in 1968. Today, they have 817 members, a full quarter of whom are women. In total, the cooperative cultivates about 2,200 hectares in San Ignacio, Cajamarca. The high altitudes of the mountainous San Ignacio region provide ideal conditions for cultivating high-quality coffees.

The cooperative has an extensive array of programs and opportunities for farming members. In addition to agronomic support and financing, farmers can learn sensory evaluation and how to diversify their incomes through other agricultural projects such as beekeeping and farming avocadoes. They also offer quality awards for outstanding coffees each year. Managers and farmer-leaders are given additional training in management skills, financial literacy and good governance.

Over a quarter of Prosperidad de Chirinos’ members are women, who are typically underserved and under-represented in the coffee-producing sector. The cooperative aims to address this imbalance with a women’s committee that promotes empowerment for female members. Many members in the committee have taken on additional managerial positions.

Weight1000 g
Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm
Size & Packaging

250gr Standard Bottle, 250gr Refill (select if you already have a bottle), 1kg Compostable Pouch


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