Clever dripper 500ml


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The Clever Dripper resembles a filter holder that you know from an old-fashioned filter coffee maker. What makes this dripper so clever is the drip stop that ensures that the coffee does not run straight through. This is a big difference with other filter setting methods. This way the ground coffee can draw well, so that you get a nice full rich filter coffee.

As soon as you place the dripper on a server or glass, the drip stop will ‘open’ and the coffee will continue to flow. The Clever Dripper is a method that is somewhere between drip coffee and a cafetiere. With this method you decide how long you want the coffee to be extracted, in short, play with your coffee!
The Clever Dripper is dark gray in color and made of high-quality plastic. The compact size also makes it a perfect brewing method to take with you on a trip.


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