el Dragon decaf – COLOMBIA [omniroast]



Roast type    OMNIROAST – great for espresso based drinks
Flavour notes Milk Chocolate and caramel

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Farmer   el Dragon (group lot)
Varietal  various
Processing    sugercane decaf
Altitude   1700-2200 m.a.s.l.
Region    Buesaco
Cupping score   85

About the coffee

El Dragón lot is the result of 22 smallholder producers from the Buesaco region, Nariño, with whom The Coffee Quest has been working closely. Thanks to our local presence in the region, we’ve been able to build personal contact with local farmers and support them in achieving improvement and finding opportunities to prosper.

One of the contributing farmers is Luis Vicente Hernandez from Finca Loma Linda. He has been farming since he was six years old, starting out by helping on his family’s farm as a lesson on the hardships of making a living. After completing school, he worked as a day labourer and sold various crops for income. Nine years ago, he began growing coffee plants, alongside which he grows his corn, cassava, beans, and bananas.

Size & Packaging

250gr Standard Bottle, 250gr Refill (select if you already have a bottle), 1kg Recycled Pouch


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