El Corozal-COLOMBIA [espresso]


Roast type   FILTER – pour-over, drip and french press 
Flavour notes 
Cherry Peach and caramel

Farmer Delfin Carvajal, Finca el Corozal, Garzon Huila
Varietal Caturra, Castillo & Colombia
Processing natural
Cupping score 85.5

Finca El Corozal started in 2004 with only 3 heactares of land and kept xpanding until 2011 including 7 brothers.

Delfin Carvajal is the ambitious and talented man who runs the farm. Driven by his curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit, Delfin shows us his remarkable talent. He took part in the 2020 Huila Mágico Competition in Colombia and got ranked in the Top 10.

Finca El Corozal is located in Garzón, Huila and sits at an altitude of 1500 m.a.s.l., where Delfín is growing 20000 trees.

Coffee production is part of a 4-generation family heritage. Finca El Corozal belongs to the Carvajal-Castiblanco Family (Delfín’s and his wife’s family) but is actually managed by Delfín’s brother, Euclides Carvajal Córdoba.


Weight1000 g
Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm
Size & Packaging

250gr Standard Bottle, 250gr Refill (select if you already have a bottle), 1kg Compostable Pouch


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