Finca Joya Verde-GUATAMALA [espresso]


Roast type   ESPRESSO
Flavour notes 
Caramel, Chocolate, Mandarin

Farm Finca Joya Verde, (Maria Elena Vides & Renardo Ovalle)
Varietal Caturra & Bourbon
Process 120hr Anaerobic
Cupping score 87

Finca Joya Verde Washed Anaerobic is grown in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, at an altitude ranging from 1 800 to 2 300 meters above the sea level by Maria Elena Vides and Renardo Ovalle. After being handpicked, the beans are anaerobically fermented for 60 hours and then washed for 60 more before being dried on African beds for 12-18 days. This lengthy process results in an delightful coffee with a mandarin taste and a deep aroma akin to that of ripe fruits.

Weight1000 g
Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm
Size & Packaging

250gr Standard Bottle, 250gr Refill (select if you already have a bottle), 1kg Recycled Pouch


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