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Farm Daye Bensa Hamasho lot Sidamo Bensa
Varietal regional landraces
Process natural
Cupping score 85

Hamasho Station is located in the Hamasho Kebele or Village and is part of the Bensa area, in Sidama, Ethiopia. Managed by Asefa Dukamo Korma, the site sits at an elevation of 1,920 – 2,020 m.a.s.l and is dedicated to producing both Natural and Washed coffees. Hamasho or “Serpent”,  translated to English, works with over 600 farmers who contribute with their cherries, mostly with 74158 Variety.

The Washed Hamasho is traditionally wet fermented for between 36 and 72 hours, and then dried on African beds for about 12 to 15 days. During peak sun, the beds are covered to prevent over-drying. The Naturals undergo a similar process, being placed to dry immediately after they arrive at the site in African beds for 16 to 21 days.

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250gr Standard Bottle, 1kg Recycled Pouch


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