Manacaraco PERU [filter]


We offer you a washed anaerobically fermented coffee – an innovative processing method where coffee is fermented in sealed containers for 42 hours before being washed and dried. This allows for a more pronounced flavour of the coffee’s characteristics.

Roast type  FILTER [pour-over, drip] & french press
Flavour notes juicy nectarine, cherry, floral


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Farm / Co-op / Station   Felino Sánchez Bustamante
Varietal   Bourbon, Caturra & Pache
Processing    Washed with anaerobic 42hr fermentation
Altitude   1,300 m.a.s.l
Region    San Martín
Cupping score    86

About the farm
The Bustamante family (Felino Sánchez, his wife and three children) considers their move to Finca Manacaraco in the early 2000s the best decision of their lives. The farm (and coffee) is named in honour of a bird they heard singing during their early days on the farm.

The family remain focused on improving coffee quality and diversifying their processing methods, like with this Anaerobic FW. The cherries are handpicked, then fermented anaerobically for 42 hours before being washed and dried for 15-20 days.


250 gram, 1000 gram


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