Mushonyi RWANDA


1,200 growers that deliver cherry to this station live and farm on the hills surrounding Mushonyi. They provide you with a deliciously juicy coffee with tones of dark chocolate and cherry.

Roast type   Filter – great for pour-over, filter / drip and french press
Flavour notes   Dark chocolate, cherry, juicy


Farm / Co-op / Station   Mushonyi Washing Station
Owner   1,213 growers working with Rwacof
Varietal   Red Bourbon
Processing   Natural
Altitude   Washing station 1,827 meters above sea level / Farmers 1,600 to 1,950 meters above sea level
Region   Rutsiro District, Western Province
Harvest months   March – June

Cupping score   86+

About Mushonyi
Mushonyi washing station is fed by smallholders farmers and growers that live and farm on the surrounding hills. Farmers on average, cultivate only about 300 coffee trees on their small plots.

Mushonyi has high-quality standards and from the moment the coffee cherry enters the washing station until it is exported, Rwacof keeps stringent quality controls in place. Rwacof also invests heavily in farmer training, good agricultural practices and prioritises focus and resources on improving the financial situation of their farmers in collaboration with Kahawatu.  

Weight250 g
Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm

250 gram, 1000 gram

Grind type

Whole beans, Espresso grind, Filter grind


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