the Bombe-ETHIOPIA [filter]


Roast type   FILTER – 
Flavour notes 
Bergamot, apricot, cranberry

Farm Daye Bensa washing station, Sidamo
Varietal Jarc 74112
Process natural
Cupping score 85,5

Daye Bensa is a coffee exporting company, founded in 2006 by the brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo. Asefa and Mulugeta have lots of experience, and they started out as coffee suppliers in the Sidama area. The younglings of the family, Kenean and Eliyas, also later joined the company as Daye Bensa started to grow. Now the company is with gentlemen like Kenean, schooled in the USA work in commerce and finance, and Eliyas on Quality. This high spirited family company supplies us now for the fourth year, and we are still planning on future collaborations.

Weight1000 g
Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm
Size & Packaging

250gr Standard Bottle, 250gr Refill (select if you already have a bottle), 1kg Compostable Pouch


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