You’re probably wondering what the hell these beans are doing in a plastic bottle. Well, it’s not just any plastic bottle. This is a reason to tidy up, pot your plants, organise your things. It’s an excuse to be more conscious about consumption. It’s a push to re-use and recycle. To enjoy coffee more but waste less. To be more conscious about how we consume and dispose.

Our journey towards finding a good sustainable packaging solution that meets all our criteria (product integrity, waste, recyclability, CO2 impact and design), we quickly realised that the ideal solution simply doesn’t exist, yet. There would always have to be a compromise.

Despite the extremely negative reputation that plastic carries today, we tend to agree with some experts that plastic is not necessarily the enemy, it is how we use and dispose of it that causes the issues we see today. The benefits of (certain) plastics can far exceed the negative factors, if managed correctly.


Our research lead us to the decision to use plastic packaging that could be reused by us as well as our customers giving the packaging multiple “lives” and drastically reducing the waste and production of virgin packaging. Here are some of the advantages of the PET packers:


  • Durable (does not break easily)
  • lightweight (less CO2 produced during transportation)
  • Can be reused and repurposed over and over again (for coffee and other things)
  • Easily and fully recyclable (PET is the most common recycled plastic today)
  • Maintains freshness
  • User experience (dosing the the coffee beans)
  • It looks cool 


Put your money where your mouth is…

Not only will this packaging be better for the environment, it will also be better for your wallet. We have decided to incentivise the reusing of the bottle by offering a Euro 0,50 cent discount on your next purchase or a reimbursement when you return the empty bottle to us. We will wash and reuse the bottles. We also offer refill option where we will ship the beans in a fully compostable (home and industrial) bag made of NatureFlex film (from wood pulp). Visit our webshop to check out this option.

(A little disclaimer.. We do not claim to be a sustainable company nor do we claim that our packaging is sustainable. We’re simply saying that we are conscious of the environment and that we’re trying our best to reduce our footprint on our planet.)o