4 minutes


30 gram

  1. Boil water to 94°C. Grind coffee beans at a medium-coarse setting. Fold your filter and place it at the mouth of the Chemex. TIP- Wet the filter paper, to eliminate residual paper flavours & also to stick to the sides of the glass. Discard the water before brewing. 
  2. Distribute coffee grounds into the centre of your Chemex, avoid the wet sides as it may stick. Flatten the coffee by tapping the Chemex.
  3. Place the Chemex on your scale, tare, and start your timer. Pour boiled water, make sure all the dry coffee is wet, and measure to 60 gram. Wait 30 seconds, so the coffee can de-gas, also known as Blooming.
  4. Add 100gr of water in a circular motion every 30 seconds until reaching 500gr. TIP- Make sure not to pour directly on the sides of the filter, staying +/- 1cm away.
  5. Allow coffee to brew and drip through the filter – this should stop at around 3 minutes. Sometimes your brew may run faster or slower.

    TIP- Once your coffee’s poured through, check if your grind bed is flat. This indicates how consistent your pour was. If one side is higher than the other, or there is a ditch in the middle, some parts of your coffee may have been over- or under-extracted.